Friday, February 5, 2010

Seth's Summary: 7 weeks

It's the week of eyelashes and eyebrows! I'm convinced his eyelashes grew five inches and his eyebrows started to really come in. Do you know what this means? Someday those eyelashes and eyebrows are going to catch some lady's eyes and she'll be hooked.

It's also the week of Seth's first cold. He caught it from Jason, then passed it on to me! Poor little baby with a congested nose. It's affected his naps because he'll cough and wake himself up.

The other fun thing about this week and last week is that Seth has really become so much more alert and interactive with us. You can tell that Seth really likes something because his eyes get really wide, he flings his arms around and around and he pumps his legs back and forth. Sometimes he even smacks his lips! It is so, so adorable!

Feedings: we moved his feedings around a little so that we don't cluster feed (multiple feedings in the early evening) to tank Seth up for the night. He has a feeding at 7:30pm and then his late-night feeding at 10:30pm. Right now, I still set my alarm for 4am to wake Seth up for a feeding. Because I typically have to wake him up, I think he would probably sleep longer than 4am but I don't want to jinx it yet!

Sleeping: Knock on wood, Seth sleeps well in the night. We keep holding our breath for fear one night our baby will decide to do something completely different and keep us up at all hours! During the day, Seth averages four naps of about 1-2 hours. Sometimes he goes down easily for a nap, sometimes he puts up a fuss. Because he's had a cold, he has woken himself up from coughing and cuts his nap short. There have been a few days that he's only taken naps of 45 minutes at a time.

Awake time: we've been introducing more toys and books to Seth. I can tell he's interested in them because his eyes get really wide and he waves his arms.

Tummy time: Seth can push his neck and head up to a 90 degree angle! He holds himself up for at least 10 seconds and looks at himself in the mirror on his playmat or just strains to look at what's around him. Not only does Seth have tummy time on his playmat, but he likes to lay on Jason's chest on the couch and look around the living room.

Other fun and sweet things about Seth:
- He loves lights. He will stare at lights. Just when you think he's staring over your shoulder at some unseen celestial being...nope, he's just staring a light. As far as I know!:)
- He shakes his hands when he gets really excited.
- At night when I have to change his diaper and he's barely awake, I put him on the changing table and all of a sudden he realizes he's not in my arms anymore and doesn't realize where's he's at. I hold my hands out to his flailing arms for him to grab and I say over and over, "It's okay. I'm just changing you. Mommy's here." He settles down and then I (quickly!) get to business.
- Jason read a Sandra Boynton book to Seth and he loved it! Jason read it over and over and he just looked at all the pictures. I can tell he's going to be a reader!
- Seth goes to the gym with me.:) I feed him and then we head over to the gym, while Seth proceeds to fall asleep in his carseat and I get a little workout in on the eliptical machine. Works out terrifically!
- We went to both ABF group AND the service at church this Sunday. It was Seth's first service and he slept through the whole thing - sorry, Pastor Dave! I finally got to sit in the "mommy" section. I have always dreamed of being able to sit with a baby during the service. This time I got to show off Seth and feed him a bottle. This mommy had a lot of pride today!
- When I wake Seth up for the middle-of-the-night feeding, he'll lay in my lap, stare up at me and give me the biggest smiles and "goos!". It is SOOO sweet and totally melts my heart!

February 3, 2010:
Seth wanted to dress up really adorable for a lunch date with daddy! I bathed Seth and spiffed him with this cute winter outfit (as if he needs any spiffing up!) before we drove over to Jason's office. Seth was up long enough to peak around Jason's office, after which he konked out in his car seat. We went to Kahn's Grill and had the best lunch. I out-ate Jason....again. What can I say - I'm breastfeeding and need the extra calories!

February 4, 2010:
This is what Seth looks like when I'm trying to wake him up out of a nap.....I know, I know what you're thinking. Why wake a sleeping baby?? Because this little baby would sleep up to five hours in one nap during the day and I'd much rather have him sleep five hours at night.:)

This beautiful white and blue blanket was crafted by Joyce's friend, Deb. It is sooo soft and I love cuddling Seth up in the blanket.

Isn't this a fun soccer outfit! Compliments of the Terres family. Jason took one look at and said, "That's my boy!"

February 5, 2010:
Eyelashes that go on for miles and eyebrows starting to fill in!

February 6, 2010:

February 7, 2010:
With a little bit of strategic placement, Seth grabbed onto the playmat toy for five minutes, at which point he began to look a little confused at the toy wondering why his hand was attached to the toy. It's like you could read his mind, "How do I let go?"

Seth and his daddy taking an afternoon Sunday nap. Awww!!!!

February 9, 2010:
Seth is really getting into the hanging toys - you can tell by his outstretched arms! He'll swing his arms around and they occasionally bump into the hanging toys. He seems so proud of himself when he does that!

It's a snow day! I've started positioning Seth on the couch so he can look outside and he seems to like it! It's like a whole new world....

Have a great week! Can't wait to share about Seth's 8th week. He'll be two months in just a few days and he's already starting to look like a little man.:)

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