Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trial Run

We had a big weekend. It was the first time that we spent the weekend at my parent's home. We're trying to help Seth feel comfortable sleeping in a bed that's not his own while Jason and I are gone in February.

The plan was that Seth and I would spend Friday night at my parent's house so Seth could get a feel for sleeping over in the "grandchildren's" room at their house. I was to stay over on Friday night, so I could put Seth down to bed and be there for him when he woke up. Then, we'd spend the whole day at my parent's, during naps and all mealtimes. Seth would spend Saturday night with just my parents. My wonderful husband was home repainting our living room and hallway.

I have to admit that I was really nervous about the whole thing. I worried that Seth would protest at sleeping in the pack and play at night or that he'd wake up in the middle of the night terrified and confused at where he was.

I tell ya what. I worry way too much about stuff.

While Seth was initially scared at being in a pack and play in "his" bedroom on Friday, I sat with him until he fell asleep in my arms (okay, I loved this because Seth moves so much during the day, that I love these cuddle moments!). It took about 40 minutes for him to get to sleep. Then....he was out, for the rest of the night! He didn't make a peep until at 7am Saturday morning. My mom, Seth and I had a leisurely morning in our jammies and ate Belgian waffles. Seth packed half of a banana and 1 1/2 waffles somewhere in his body.

After lounging around in our jammies and playing with (i.e. patting) Sunny, Seth took
an hour nap in his pack and play. We went to a used children's clothing store and found some nice shirts for Seth, plus an adorable Old Navy coorderoy jacket for next fall. In the afternoon, I had a baby shower to go to so mom and Seth went back to their house for lunch and an attempt at putting Seth down for a nap. It was an attempt. He just rolled around and cuddled with his blankie for an hour.

I came back to my parent's house to hang out a little bit before leaving Seth at my parent's house for the night. THE BIG TRIAL. Jason came over, dropped some church clothes for Seth and then we gleefully left Seth with my parents for the night. We went out to dinner and a "I spent $10 on that?" movie. It was kind of hard to really let go of my mommy mind of constantly caring for Seth, knowing that he was being fully cared for by my more than capable parents. Jason and I got back home and stomped through the house and talked loudly since Seth wasn't there....oh, and wistfully stood at Seth's open door wondering how our little buddy was doing at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Seth was doing fabulous. He went to sleep for my parents and didn't wake up at all. Yay - success!! I feel so much better going for a week away and leaving Seth with my parents and Joyce.

When we went to pick Seth up at my parent's church the next morning, Seth just started crying when he saw me. I think he just didn't realize that he missed his parents until he saw us. :)

On some other notes, I'm capturing some stories about Seth so I'll remember them....

Seth has become more attached to his nighttime and nap blankie. On his own, he's walked out of his room holding his blanket in both hands out in front him - so much that he's nearly tripped himself! Seth has even gone into his room, pulled his blankie from his crib and laid down on the floor with his thumb in his mouth. Translate: naptime!

Over the months, we've been diligent reading books to Seth, whether it was before naptime, before bedtime or just when Seth seemed to want to slow down a little. When Seth was little, like 4-5 months and we'd read a book to him, he would bat his hands and arms on the pages of the books. Now, we say, "Seth, would you like to read a book?" and he'll walk to his room, pick out a book and bring it to us! It's so fun to see him so excited over something that seems so adult.

Seth is also really into pointing at things. When we wake Seth up in the morning and we open his bedroom door, he points to the hallway light and we let him turn the light on. Jason says, "WHere is mommy?" Seth points to me. Or, if I say, "Seth, can you find Daddy?" He goes to where Jason is.

It's been a fun month!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler or no?

I cannot even keep track of all the little things that make up Seth's unfolding world as a toddler. In fact, I was surprised to learn at Seth's 1 year appointment that his first 1-year molar had popped in. It boggles my mind of all the things Seth is learning and picking up on a daily basis. So, this is just a mish-mash of little stories that reflect his budding personality, his will and what happens in the day of a 1-year toddler.

We put new ceiling lights in our entryway, hallways and family room last weekend. Seth wasn't around when Jason was putting them in, but he immediately noticed the new lights when we came in the room. He still points at the new lights.

Seth does so much pointing. He points and we say, "Show me. What do you want to see?" We also made progress during mealtime. Just a week ago, Seth would whine for something he wanted. I showed Seth how to point at what he wanted instead of us guessing and now he just points at what he wants. We're still working on the sign language "Please" and "More".

Seth has been more expressive with waving and blowing kisses. It's so cute. We're not sure who taught Seth how to blow kisses - he just sort of started!

A week ago, Seth and I visited my girlfriends at Caribou. Seth was flirting with one of my friends - shy-ly dipping his head, batting his eyelashes and smiling at her. It's so funny to see him flirt!

The other night, we gave Seth a bath. We were all in the bathroom and Jason started squirting me with one of Seth's squirt balls. Seth got a kick out of me squealing and getting soaked. He laughed and laughed. But then he got really concerned because I was screaming. I think he thought I was getting hurt. We stopped that really quickly!

These are the best days of my life - being a family with Jason and Seth. We have such a good time. THere is always so much laughter in our home. What's funny is that I can tell when Seth is really laughing at something because he honestly thinks its funny.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seth is new to walking. It seems like every day he is experimenting with his new walking ability. I get a kick out of Seth's little walk. He sticks his chest out and he toddles on his legs, with his arms up in the arm. It is soooo cute! Seth has moved on to walking from one room to the next room - all without stopping, dropping to his knees or tripping. It's like something pops into his mind, so he takes off walking to go get it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

These legs were made for walking

....and that's what Seth has figured out these last few days. He went from a half-walker/half-crawler to a walker. It was just last week when he would walk in a straight direction across the room about 7 steps.

Now, Seth walks down the hall into our bedroom. He turns one direction, then another. He walks in circles around the dining room wall. He walks and with one hand holding something to support himself, he bends down to pick up a toy. He does more walking than crawling. I think it's official. Seth's a walker!

It's bittersweet to see Seth grow so fast. I said to Jason tonight, "How is Seth walking? Wasn't he just 1 month old yesterday???"

We had such a fun New Year's weekend. I had Friday off and with the rainy, sleet snow-mix, we just stayed inside and played. Jason and I ordered delivery chinese food from our favorite place. After Seth went to bed, we played Five Crowns and Skip-Bo, while watching the Dick Clark New Year's show and funniest home videos. It was low-key, but we had a good time!

On Saturday, we slept in until 7:15am (yawn!) and later that day, Jason's mom and my parents came over in the afternoon to visit (i.e. play with Seth!) and have appetizers. We played games ater Seth went to bed and snacked on yummy treats. I resolved that those treats were the last I would have for a long time!

After church on Sunday, we played for a little bit. Seth had a ball in the church nursery. He does fine being handed over to the nursery workers. We were able to go to a church service because ABF was canceled. It's been a long time since we were in a church service just the two of us.

When we got home from church at 10:45am, I thought for sure Seth would be tired and begging for a nap. Nope! We gave him a snack of pears and peas. He gobbled them up and then we played a little until Seth went down for a 2.5 hr nap.

Seth is such a hoot when he plays. He is in CONSTANT motion. He's learned how to dunk the basketball in the 18 inch high basketball hoop. He is learning to bring us something when we ask. He also is trying to put two separate MegaBlocks together.

Seth is also a big chatterbox. He will talk and jibber/jabber about something. He hasn't said "Mama" or "Dadda" yet, but he does say, "Ba!" towards his ball and "Da!" to his yellow duck.

I still pinch myself sometimes to grasp that Jason and I have a son!