Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11 months

Seth, you are 11 months old! When I look at videos of you when you are 11 days old, it's amazing to see how much you've grown. You are such a different little person!

Size: some 12 months clothes, some 9 months clothes; size 4 shoe

On your 11-month birthday, Jason and I think you said "ba" in reference to the ball you were holding. You babble alot. Some days your babbling are the "ba-ba" 's and sometimes your babbles are "ma-ma" 's. You grunt, growl, squeal, and happy-shriek ALOT. A few times I hear you "chatter", which kind of sounds like you're saying a sentence, but they don't resemble words yet. I wonder what you're chattering about!

You are a social little boy and enjoy when people come to visit at our house. Every Sunday night, our small group comes over and you sit in the middle of the group, then crawl up to each lady and try to pull yourself up onto their laps. You seem very energized when there are lots of people around.

You like to touch hair, especially when it's long hair belonging to Mommy and Mommy's friends. When you nurse at night, you play with Mommy's hair probably because it calms you and then ends up making Mommy fall asleep too!

You love to read books! Which makes Mommy really happy. I love reading you books before going to bed. You're so cuddly when we sit in your nursery chair and read "Goodnight Moon". When I read you the Pooh Bear encyclopedia of animals, you squeal and tap the pages of the animals.

You really love animals! When we take a walk and see a squirrel, cat or dog, you squeal and kick your legs.

You eat more and more finger foods. Pureed foods are soon becoming a thing of the past. You like to eat chicken, peas, bananas, pears, potatoes, turkey, and beans. You love apple oatmeal and pumpkin pancakes in the morning. You still have two bottles during the day, but you're still not keen on drinking out of a sippy cup. You do it, but not out of necessity.

You are an affectionate little boy, giving me hugs when I pick you up out of your crib in the morning and burying your face in my hair when we play on the floor. You also give "kisses" on my cheek and chin, which really is you putting your open mouth on my cheek and kind of nibbling me.

You have almost 6 teeth! You show them off best when you crinkle up your nose and bare your front top and bottom pearly whites. In the last 2.5 months, you've gotten 3 new teeth.

In the last month, you became a master cruiser - cruising everywhere. From the couch to the loveseat to the piano bench to the dining room chairs to the kitchen cabinets. At 10.5 months, you started "walking" with the assistance of my two hands. On Nov. 6th, you took two no-hands steps to me! I predicted that you'd be walking at your 12 month birthday and I think you just might be taking those first few steps on the big day.

Your nights have calmed down a little. From 8 weeks old through 9 months, you slept through the night and RARELY woke up in the night. For the last two months, you've woken up and screamed on occasion during the night. I think they've been nightmares or because of big developments. You've been very busy during the day with crawling to cruising to beginning to walk.

In the last two months, you have become a regular at the church nursery. You always join the nursery with a happy demeanor. You play and play and play right up until I come to get you after our ABF. You don't seem to even notice that I leave you for a bit.

We started taking music classes at Kindermusik with Miss Melanie. Oh, you love this class. You like to crawl around with the little babies and you're not shy. You crawl right up to another baby and look at their toy. You'll crawl and cruise around the room for a bit, then crawl back to me to "check in" and get a little reassurance, then you're off again.

You are typically independent, but you definitely can be clingy with Mommy - especially in the evening after a day of being apart. You are very aware of where Daddy is. You notice when he walks into the room and when he leaves. You have to see what he's doing.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up November

Our first snow! Winter came today - in a big way. We got ten inches of heavy snow starting early Saturday morning. It's so beautiful!

We had a lazy Saturday morning. I attempted to go run an errand, which proved to futile. I got stuck in the parking lot and some nice fellow pushed my car out. Seth had a good nap and then we had some cuddle and reading time.

Our friends, Brent and Kari, came over for Chinese dinner and games. We were supposed to go downtown Minneapolis to listen to a Cuban jazz pianist at the Dakota, but we didn't feel like braving the yucky roads.

After church on Sunday, Seth and I ran some errands to get more shoes for Seth's growing feet (oh, and because I lost one of his shoes this past week!). We wandered through Babies R Us for a bit, then we hit up Old Navy where we got some adorable baby boy shoes. Who said boy's shoes aren't cute!! They're very preppy.:)

Pet Smart was right next to Old Navy and because they had a cat adoption day, I thought it would be fun for Seth to see the cats and kittens. Oh, my. When this little boy sees a cat or dog, he goes crazy! (Poor kid doesn't know yet that he will not be able to have one of his own while he's living at our house because of Jason's allergies. If he was smart and didn't want his parents to always come and visit his own home, he'd load up on the animals - ha!....wait a second!) Seth squeals and kicks his legs. The adoption owners let Seth pet the kittens. That was before he literally grabbed a chunk of one kitten. We'll have to work on the "Be gentle" direction!

We had small group on Sunday night. Seth gets a kick out of all the people in our group that come to visit. He is Mr. Social and likes to be right in the center of the busyness. He'll sit in the center and look around at everyone, then crawl up to the ladies and pull himself up on their knees. Seth is not a shy baby, that's for sure!