Sunday, May 2, 2010

Seth's Summary - 20 weeks

We had quite a few firsts this week! Jason went to Door County to watch Dave graduate from Police Academy training, while Seth and I stayed behind to host a get-together with cousin Jamie, sister-in-law Jen, Jen's mom and my mom. Yes, it was just me and Seth for a few days!

By the second day, both of us were missing Jason so much! Seth didn't really seem like his normal chipper self. He really gets a charge out of Jason. But, he's been especially cuddly with me while Jason's been gone. This was the first time that one of us has been apart from our little family.

I stayed home with Seth all day Friday. It was so nice to have that extra day, because I just love staying home with my little buddy. We went to Seth's PT appt and I was so encouraged by what the PT had to say about Seth's progress with torticollis. He is doing so well and we'll only need to go to monthly PT appts.

Another first Mother's Day! I have been so excited about this weekend since I was pregnant last year. I've wanted to be a mommy for a while and it's still so new that I love celebrating! :)

What was Seth up to this week?
- Seth's really started reaching out and grabbing things to touch them, make them move or play music. When sitting up and leaning forward, he uses his hands to touch toys in front of him to play music or move.
- Seth is easily engaged by adults who talk to him animatedly, make baby sounds to him or play with him.
- I have to work at making his nursing times free of distractions. He will stare off out the window or start playing when he should be finishing eating!
- It just seems that Seth is getting so big! His legs are getting thicker and he seems longer.
- Seth's head is so, so, so soft!! I love rubbing his head.
- I found out that Seth likes his arms being tickled, just like his mommy! He stops what he's doing and just holds his arm still while I tickle his arm.

- When is being held by another person and I walk up to him, he reaches out for me! Heart melter!

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