Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up November

Our first snow! Winter came today - in a big way. We got ten inches of heavy snow starting early Saturday morning. It's so beautiful!

We had a lazy Saturday morning. I attempted to go run an errand, which proved to futile. I got stuck in the parking lot and some nice fellow pushed my car out. Seth had a good nap and then we had some cuddle and reading time.

Our friends, Brent and Kari, came over for Chinese dinner and games. We were supposed to go downtown Minneapolis to listen to a Cuban jazz pianist at the Dakota, but we didn't feel like braving the yucky roads.

After church on Sunday, Seth and I ran some errands to get more shoes for Seth's growing feet (oh, and because I lost one of his shoes this past week!). We wandered through Babies R Us for a bit, then we hit up Old Navy where we got some adorable baby boy shoes. Who said boy's shoes aren't cute!! They're very preppy.:)

Pet Smart was right next to Old Navy and because they had a cat adoption day, I thought it would be fun for Seth to see the cats and kittens. Oh, my. When this little boy sees a cat or dog, he goes crazy! (Poor kid doesn't know yet that he will not be able to have one of his own while he's living at our house because of Jason's allergies. If he was smart and didn't want his parents to always come and visit his own home, he'd load up on the animals - ha!....wait a second!) Seth squeals and kicks his legs. The adoption owners let Seth pet the kittens. That was before he literally grabbed a chunk of one kitten. We'll have to work on the "Be gentle" direction!

We had small group on Sunday night. Seth gets a kick out of all the people in our group that come to visit. He is Mr. Social and likes to be right in the center of the busyness. He'll sit in the center and look around at everyone, then crawl up to the ladies and pull himself up on their knees. Seth is not a shy baby, that's for sure!

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