Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend re-cap

We started the weekend off just right with a visit from our good friends, B and K, and their 22-month old son (and Seth's first buddy), L. It was so fun to watch the boys play together, but kind of not play together. They're still at the age of playing alongside each other, but not together. At the end of the night when they were leaving and it was time to "give each other a hug", Seth got his first buddy hug. Cute, huh??

On Saturday, Seth and I took a long walk to Target to get a few things. Walks are so fun because Seth points and squeals at everything. I get to see birds, kids playing baseball, dogs for the first time again, but through the eyes of my child.:)

After Seth's nap, we dressed up for my grandma's 90th birthday party with all my family. It was at my uncle's VFW where there's a big party room in the basement for the party and a huge room upstairs for the kids to run around. Seth had a blast running around the basement, except when the kids when upstairs to play tag and then he had to follow them to see what was going on. He apparently thought he was 10 years old because he wanted to run around with the kids too. He'd run back and forth, stomp his feet a little. Seeing the kids run around brought me back to my own days of chasing my cousins around. I'm so happy that Seth will have cousins to do this with soon!

We carried the party back to Aunt Patty and Uncle Ray's house for dinner. The weather was nice out, so the ladies took Seth for a walk over to the park. Seth was acting like such a big boy, with one hand in mine and the other holding onto the gym set, he climbed all the way to the top and took his very first solo slide ride. He was THRILLED! The look on his face was exhilaration - huge, wide smile and big eyes. We did this again and again and again!

It was so nice to spend time with family. Boy do we feel blessed to have such great people to share life with.:)

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