Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's hard to say good-bye

To good friends that are moving out of state! Our friends, M & K, are friends from Jason's Bethel days. They've been so dear to us over the years - during college, standing up for us in our wedding, visiting Jason in the hospital. They have a big adventure awaiting them in Texas.

Tonight we went to their open house to say good-bye, to reminiscence, see each other and just plain visit. It was a gorgeous summer night and such a perfect outing. There must have been 20 kids running around M & K's fenced backyard, which is like a forest with paths and trails all over. Seth was in heaven! He played alongside other little toddlers and started learning the concept of sharing with his little friends, Kayla and Alec. Oh, it warmed this mommy's heart to see how Seth interacted with the other little toddlers. Sometimes he would just go off and explore something, like a corner of the patio or the sandbox. Other times, he'd follow the other little kids to see what they were doing.

We sat around the kitchen table to eat dinner and Seth clearly remembered that's where the food was later on, because he found his way back to the kitchen where all the goodies were and asked for food! Aww - a child after my own heart. He knew exactly where the treats were!

Seth got the obligatory, "He's so intense - look at his furrowed brow!" Yes, at times when he's around lots of people and he's getting a lot of attention, he would rather study the person instead of showing off.:) I love that Seth is so observant.

The rest of our weekend so far has been soooo perfect. Our babysitting swappers watched Seth on Friday night, so we went to a movie at the cinema grill. So fun to go out to a movie!

Saturday morning was perfect. We slept in till 8am, had a delicious pancake breakfast and went to the park before Jason went to play soccer.

I'm so thank for days like these!

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