Sunday, October 23, 2011

October weekend re-cap

The weekend got started with a birthday dinner and celebration for Jenni at my parent's house. We had many laughs and a delicious dinner. Speaking of dinner - Mom made her now-famous french fries, which is the birthday girl's (and my brother's) favorite. We tease that it was really Kyle pushing for the french fries. We had a special dessert for the birthday girl and then presented her with gifts. That's the fun part!!! Saturday was completely random. We decided at 9:30am that we would take Seth to the Minnesota Zoo. Yeah - the big one about 45 minutes away. After breakfast and a little cleaning up, we hit the road to the zoo. What can I say but Seth LOVED the zoo. We went into several exhibits. The exhibits are great because they have little tunnels just for small kids where they can get a different view of the animals. Seth loved exploring the tunnels and caves. He got really excited over the penguins, birds, flamingos, beaver, and otter. But his favorite? The goats at the Farm. They have a little goat pen for the kids to pet and feed the goats. Seth went up to each animal and hugged them, squealing in the process. He tried to sit on the old goat sitting in the corner. He liked looking at the pigs too. Seth squealed with happiness when he was able to pet the cow's head in the barn. A polka band played music in the farm area, so given that we all know Seth loves music and dancing to music, is it any wonder he dropped a boogie anytime he got near the band? It was such a delight to see how Seth responded to the animals when he saw them for the first time. It was like seeing these animals for the first time. I love to watch Seth get excited over the things that I have taken for granted. I repeat. It was so fun to take Seth to the zoo! Seth missed his afternoon nap, but he was such a trooper and was totally content sitting in the stroller with a bag of popcorn when he was a little tired. At the end of the day as we walked out of the zoo, Seth just rested his head on Jason's shoulder and just hugged him all the way to the car. On Sunday, we visited a particular church in MG for the second Sunday in a row. After church and some relaxing in the afternoon, I had a fun photo shoot with a friend from work and her 3 daughters in downtown Anoka. We had a lot of fun! The weekend was complete with our small group coming over to discuss Crazy Love. It was a good weekend! I'm not ready for another week.:(

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