Wednesday, November 2, 2011

22 months old

Seth, you are 22 months old! I can hardly believe that in 2 months, you will be 2 years old. What can I say about the vibrant, confident, excited, curious and happy little boy that you are? At 22 months: -You wear 18 month size pants (you have short legs like your mama) -You wear 24 month size tops, jackets, and shirts -You wear size 7 shoes Your blonde hair, long eye lashes and blue eyes kind of make you a magnet. You are friendly to people when we're out and about, waving "hi!" and "buh-bye!" at people that pass us at the grocery store. You flirt and are friendly to anyone who will make eyes with you. Morning time is your favorite and you'd stay in your crib for an hour if I let you. I come in to your room, say good morning, open the shades and turn your Kindermusik CD on. You point to the books that you want to look at. I put the books in your crib and you'll sit in your crib for an hour (if I let you!) just flipping through the books. I've been encouraging you to call "Mama!" when you need something and you're starting to do that more. You are such a fun little boy. Smiles on your face most of the time, with an occasional pensive look that you've been known for since you were an infant. You like to run around, do a happy dance with your feet moving really fast. You like to run, so we have many games of running up and down the hallway. You like to be chased and tickled. You are smart little boy too! I ask what color are your pants (or other clothing) and you can tell me if they're blue, green, orange or yellow. What do you like to play with right now? Balls, the yellow Fisher Price bus and airplane, your Melissa & Doug puzzles (especially the sound puzzle with the ambulance, car, train, etc), your car ramp, a music box and some blocks. You are getting into coloring, but we're still working on not munching on the crayons. :) In fact, your playing has changed. You are starting to sit longer and play with a toy, instead of hopping up and bouncing from toy to toy. You are a little helper around the house. You sense that Papa and Mama like to have the house in somewhat of an order, so if you're playing with the pots and pans, you will even put them away! Your verbal expression is increasing and now you always call for us, "Mama!" or "Papa!" You have the sweetest little voice. You are always saying "Uh-oh!" when something breaks, falls, gets hurt or isn't right. You are learning your colors and are saying the color of an object - blue, orange, purple and green are your favorites. You are doing well with listening to Mama tell you to put your hand on the car when I take you out of the carseat. You're walking when we're out and about, more so than the stroller. You finally bonded with Uncle Kyle. He is quite entertaining to you now. You just hadn't quite warmed up to Kyle's expressions and high-energy. But now Uncle Kyle gets just about as much attention and love from you as your Grandpa does. Here are some fun pictgures from your 22-month birthday:

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