Tuesday, January 17, 2012

King of Mountain Seth

I'm surprised at how natural I can be at creating dinosaur and train characters and renactments using Seth's plastic dinosaurs and various Thomas the Train engines. Take Seth's bath time tonight, for instance. Seth is surrounded by a tub full of bubbles, an engine in each hand and dinosaurs floating around him. He remembers a scene that I created in his last bath time called, "King of Mountain Seth", and hands me his dinosaurs with a questioning look to me. I know what he's asking for and so I begin. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. I stomp the dinosaur up the side of the tub until it sits with a penetrating glare at Seth with water separting them. In a most serious dinosaur growl, I say, "I must climb and conquer Mountain Seth. But first, I will jump into the sea between us!" Seth is captivated with a huge, serious smile. He knows what's coming. I splash the dinosaur into the tub water in front of Seth's belly. "Now, I will swim to the mountain!!" I make the dinosaur splash and flap around until I make the dinosaur land on Seth's arm and proceed to march the dinosaur up his arm until it sits on his head. "I have conquered the mountain!! I am King of Mountain Seth!". Seth erupts into giggles and he send the dinosaur sailing from his head to the water. And then we repeat the scene a few more times. I love it! My inner drama goddess is coming out. Thank goodness I watched such male classic movies like Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans to understand the manly nature that boys so often draw into at such young ages. I like to think I'm kind of cultivating this aspect of Seth's male nature. :) After getting Seth into his PJ's, we played with his hair. There was a bit of a concern in his eyes as I squealed over how adorable he looked with his hair messed up. I don't think he liked it and thought I might have been laughing at him. But then I took the camera out and exclaimed how handsome he was, giving him hugs and kissed. Don't you agree?
After the usual bedtime routine - a few books, prayers and a glass of milk - I rocked Seth to sleep in his chair. He was so relaxed, which made me so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. I took in the reality of the moment: rocking my little boy who is not a baby anymore, but still likes to be cuddled by his mama at night. Seth will keep getting bigger and older until there is a day where we won't do this any longer. So, I cherish every night that I put Seth to bed.

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  1. oh my goodness I love this picture!!! I forgot you had a blog...man i've been missing olut!!!!!!!!!!!!!