Monday, December 28, 2009

My baby is growing up

Now I understand why moms and dads get wistful as they see their children grow up. People keep saying to me to cherish this time because they grow so fast and soon they'll be graduating from high school. And I just want to say, "No! Slow the time down. Please!"

Today, Seth lost his umbilical cord stump. It made me sad! We've reached the "losing the umbilical cord" stage. Should I save it for Seth's record book? Nah - maybe that's going a little too far. But wouldn't that be funny some year down the road when Seth is looking through his record book, only to see this thing....I can just hear it, "You kept my umbilical cord stump, Mom? Gross!"

I just want to hold on to these precious little pieces of my newborn baby boy, as he'll never be this way again.

I love my little boy Seth. He is so sweet to me. These are my favorite things:
- Seth's little grunts and squeals when he stretches
- His sweet eyes watching me as I lay him in my lap
- The way Seth stretches one arm straight up by his head. Then he does the other side. We call it the Superman pose and then we say, "Super Seth!"
- Seth's baby cries. It is my first sound of him when I delivered him. I can picture Seth being raised up right as he entered the world, with his neck held high and giving his first cry ever.
- Seth's baby smell.
- The way Jason has bonded with Seth. Jason looks right at him with big expressions and says, "Hi! Hi!" Seth loves it and he loves his daddy! He watches Jason with his sweet eyes.
- I love when I talk to Seth, he focuses on me and watches me talk to him.
- His little smiles. Oh, sure. Maybe they're just little mouth expressions from gas or something else, but I love to say he smiled at me.
- Seth's long little feet. He will be tall! He fits the newborn clothes, but sometimes his feet don't always fit the designated footies.:)
- Seth's soft, brown locks of hair. I love touching and smoothing his hair.
- Going into Seth's nursery in the middle of the night for his feedings. He is fast asleep, like a rock. Then, I have to unwrap his swaddle to wake him up. He is so peaceful and sweet. Sigh!

I noticed on Sunday that Seth's neck and chin has begun to fill out more. My baby is growing and putting sweet little fat on his body! He will look like his daddy...Jason had a similar little neck and chin. So, so sweet!

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