Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our one-month old

What a fun month that Jason and I have had with Seth in our lives! Seth is a sweet baby boy. I don't like to call babies "good" or "bad" based on how easy they make their parents' live, how well they sleep, or their temperament. Seth has been pretty predictable and we have gotten to know him well, which has made it easier for us to care for and nurture Seth. We love Seth so much and feel so blessed that God gave us Seth!

When Seth was two days old and we bundled him up in the car seat, I took a picture of him. He was so tiny! Somebody recommended that I take a monthly picture of him to see how big he gets from month to month.

Here is Seth swimming in his car seat at two days old. All you see is a little blue hospital cap!

Here is Seth at one month. Those are some seriously cute little cheeks, huh?

I am taking monthly pictures of Seth in his nursing chair, to see how big he gets. Here is Seth at two weeks. He was such a sleepy head in his early days:

Here is Seth at one month. He keeps his beautiful blue eyes open more often these days!

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