Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seth's Summary: 5 weeks

Naps: Seth falls asleep for his mid-morning naps, but he typically fights his afternoon and evening naps. He will cry and fuss for about 15-20 minutes and either fall asleep on his own, or he will continue to cry...when we go in to sit with him and "shush" in his ear until he just about drifts off, at which point we gingerly get up from the chair and gently put him in the crib.

Feedings: Breastfeeding with Seth is still going well. He typically gets full feedings and dthen I "tank" him up in the early evening with an extra feeding to fill his tummy so that he sleeps for longer stretches at night. It has worked well so far!

Awake time: about the same from last week - still trying to get his awake time more consistent right after he is finished eating, during his daytime feeds. This can prove to be slightly difficult since he oftentimes falls asleep when he finishes eating.

Tummy time: We have tummy time about 2 times a day during his awake time.

Other fun and sweet things about Seth:
- His legs and arms are getting thicker, so we started using Huggies diapers for now because they seem to work well with babies that have thicker legs. We have officially had 7 days without a leak! Knock on wood.
- We have an elephant mobile hanging directly over Seth's changing table. We spin in and he loves to watch it! It definitely distracts him while we are changing his diaper. He stops wiggling and just watches it spin.
- Seth apparently likes things that rotate. We were at a Christmas party and Seth was enthralled with the rotating ceiling fan. We almost went out and bought a ceiling fan for his room!

January 13, 2010:

January 14, 2010: Bath time! Doesn't Seth look all cuddly wrapped up in his towel? He gets all wiggly and talks to me all excitedly when I'm washing, waving his hands and arms about.

January 15, 2010: My company gifted Seth with this beautiful monogrammed blanket. Isn't it so sweet?

January 16, 2010: Exactly one month ago, Seth came into our world and our lives have never been the same!

January 18, 2010: Seth is being held by Grandma Joycie. He doesn't know it, but he's hanging out with the girls (and Jason!) watching The Bachelor. Terrible mommy that I am - subjecting our little boy to that show, eh? :)

January 19, 2010: I try to have Seth play on his tummy to strengthen his shoulders and neck. Seth prefers to turn his head to the right, so I purposefully put musical toys on his left and talk to him from the left to get him to turn his head to the left. He likes to watch the blinking red lights on the blue little puppy toy.

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