Sunday, January 2, 2011

These legs were made for walking

....and that's what Seth has figured out these last few days. He went from a half-walker/half-crawler to a walker. It was just last week when he would walk in a straight direction across the room about 7 steps.

Now, Seth walks down the hall into our bedroom. He turns one direction, then another. He walks in circles around the dining room wall. He walks and with one hand holding something to support himself, he bends down to pick up a toy. He does more walking than crawling. I think it's official. Seth's a walker!

It's bittersweet to see Seth grow so fast. I said to Jason tonight, "How is Seth walking? Wasn't he just 1 month old yesterday???"

We had such a fun New Year's weekend. I had Friday off and with the rainy, sleet snow-mix, we just stayed inside and played. Jason and I ordered delivery chinese food from our favorite place. After Seth went to bed, we played Five Crowns and Skip-Bo, while watching the Dick Clark New Year's show and funniest home videos. It was low-key, but we had a good time!

On Saturday, we slept in until 7:15am (yawn!) and later that day, Jason's mom and my parents came over in the afternoon to visit (i.e. play with Seth!) and have appetizers. We played games ater Seth went to bed and snacked on yummy treats. I resolved that those treats were the last I would have for a long time!

After church on Sunday, we played for a little bit. Seth had a ball in the church nursery. He does fine being handed over to the nursery workers. We were able to go to a church service because ABF was canceled. It's been a long time since we were in a church service just the two of us.

When we got home from church at 10:45am, I thought for sure Seth would be tired and begging for a nap. Nope! We gave him a snack of pears and peas. He gobbled them up and then we played a little until Seth went down for a 2.5 hr nap.

Seth is such a hoot when he plays. He is in CONSTANT motion. He's learned how to dunk the basketball in the 18 inch high basketball hoop. He is learning to bring us something when we ask. He also is trying to put two separate MegaBlocks together.

Seth is also a big chatterbox. He will talk and jibber/jabber about something. He hasn't said "Mama" or "Dadda" yet, but he does say, "Ba!" towards his ball and "Da!" to his yellow duck.

I still pinch myself sometimes to grasp that Jason and I have a son!

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