Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler or no?

I cannot even keep track of all the little things that make up Seth's unfolding world as a toddler. In fact, I was surprised to learn at Seth's 1 year appointment that his first 1-year molar had popped in. It boggles my mind of all the things Seth is learning and picking up on a daily basis. So, this is just a mish-mash of little stories that reflect his budding personality, his will and what happens in the day of a 1-year toddler.

We put new ceiling lights in our entryway, hallways and family room last weekend. Seth wasn't around when Jason was putting them in, but he immediately noticed the new lights when we came in the room. He still points at the new lights.

Seth does so much pointing. He points and we say, "Show me. What do you want to see?" We also made progress during mealtime. Just a week ago, Seth would whine for something he wanted. I showed Seth how to point at what he wanted instead of us guessing and now he just points at what he wants. We're still working on the sign language "Please" and "More".

Seth has been more expressive with waving and blowing kisses. It's so cute. We're not sure who taught Seth how to blow kisses - he just sort of started!

A week ago, Seth and I visited my girlfriends at Caribou. Seth was flirting with one of my friends - shy-ly dipping his head, batting his eyelashes and smiling at her. It's so funny to see him flirt!

The other night, we gave Seth a bath. We were all in the bathroom and Jason started squirting me with one of Seth's squirt balls. Seth got a kick out of me squealing and getting soaked. He laughed and laughed. But then he got really concerned because I was screaming. I think he thought I was getting hurt. We stopped that really quickly!

These are the best days of my life - being a family with Jason and Seth. We have such a good time. THere is always so much laughter in our home. What's funny is that I can tell when Seth is really laughing at something because he honestly thinks its funny.

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