Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

We had a good, low-key summer weekend. We lived it large and went out to Perkins on Friday night, with chuckles of amusement over how our dinners at fancy restaurants have shifted to kid-friendly restaurants. We wouldn't trade this time in our life for anything!

Saturday was great. Lazy morning with some good bluegrass music playing in the background. Leftover Perkins pancakes and breakfast potatoes.

Seth and I went grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon. Seth was a ham to the other customers. He's back to doing his attention-getting happy high-pitched scream. I learned by watching Seth happy-scream at various customers that he does this to get someone's attention as a way to say 'hi'. So now I say to Seth, "Little voice. Use your words and say 'hi!'".

When Seth went down for a nap, I was lucky enough to redeem my Mother's Day gift and go to the salon for a full-body massage. Woo-hoo!!! It was a fabulous hour and a half. Thank you to my wonderful husband and son!

When I got home, the boys were outside in the back playing in Seth's little pool. Seth loves playing in the pool.

We had a typical Sunday morning with ABF. Seth looked adorable in his madras shorts and white shirt. He is doing so much better with going to the nursery now. Seth walked all the way to the nursery while holding my hand and when we walked into the nursery, he reached out to put over the counter so he could go play. My baby's separation anxiety was short-lived.

We ended the weekend with playing in the pool in the backyard. Seth loves playing in the water. Oh, and he loves drinking the water in the pool. He stands and bends his face to the water and tries to get a drink before I'm after him for doing it.

Seth got over his fear of bubble baths, as you can see below. A month ago we were at Seth's friend, L's, home and we plopped the boys in a bath full of bubbles after they got super dirty while playing outside in the mud. Seth screamed and screamed because he'd never had a bubble bath. So, we've been gradually helping him get used to bubbles. Now, he begs for bubbles in his bath!

When Seth turned 18 months, I felt like he was old enough to watch a show. Now, I let Seth watch a "show", like Sesame Street or Curious George on the dvd player while I'm making lunch. Give me the bad mommy award this week for letting him kick his heels up on the table! :)

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