Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot tomales

It's 9pm on Sunday night and the windows are all fogged up because it's SO hot outside right now (even at 9 at night) and it's cool inside. Just enjoying a long stretch of HOT and HUMID weather. I'm talking 95 degree F, 80% humidity!

After raining so much on Friday and kind of being stuck inside, Joyce had dinner with us. We played around with Seth in the living room and then it was time for bed. Seth's favorite time of the day. Kind of - not really. Once we get Seth in his sleep bag, he starts to chill out and sleepiness kicks in.

It's funny how much Seth avoids the inevitable cycle with what happens after he is asked to put his toys away. He knows what's going to happen next. "Let's go to the bathroom and brush our teeth". He runs in circles. After 2 tries, it turns into the option of whether or not he gets to walk to the bathroom on his own or Mommy picks him up and carries him there.

Seth was tired from all the activity and he fell asleep quickly. We watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau and then called it a night.

Saturday was super fun too. We packed up the stroller, lots of water, sunscreen and headed to our town's fair. Have I gushed how much I love our town? It has this old, main street feel to it with a big pond and amphitheater at the center. We walked up and down main street looking at the artisans of the art fair. Seth was digging the colorful balloons. He was in HEAVEN! Then, we walked around the lake to the food fair and ate lunch. Seth LOVED bopping his head and dancing to the live blues music at the food fair.

Later that night, we headed over to my parents' home for a barbeque and to visit with my grandparents, plus my other relatives that came up to visit. It was so fun to be around my family. Seth loved being the center of attention and really hammed it up for everyone, showing how we play ring around the rosie.

Sunday was low-key - church in the morning, nap in the afternoon and a little swimming in the evening.

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