Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

This past weekend was...well...kind of uneventful, in light of my Grandpa's homegoing to the Lord. It was good that it was uneventful. There was a lot of family time and I was fortunate enough to have a family photo shoot out in the country. It was Kyle's birthday on Friday, so the whole family (sans Jayson & Jen) took Kyle out to dinner at the new IHOP in town. We had a good time, just enjoying each other's company and having lots of laughter. We also arranged for Kyle to get serenaded by the IHOP crew. He was amused. I think Kyle would say that his best birthday gift was that Seth finally warmed up to Uncle Kyle. When we got to IHOP and saw the fam waiting for us, Seth reached first to Jenni and then reached out to Kyle. This was huge! Seth has been a little shy with him for the longest time, but I think now that he's a little older and loves to be teased, he found a good comrad in Kyle. Seth found himself to be so funny and entertained us the whole dinner with giggles, exclamations and a comic show. He is going to be already a ham! We followed up the dinner with dessert at home and then an enthusiastic game of Apples to Apples. I had a family photoshoot for a dear friend's sister in Long Lake. The most beautiful drive took me out to the country and even though I got lost (by about 8 miles), this dear family was so energetic, fun, sweet and so photogenic. The rest of the day had some relaxing and then a big bonfire at night! It was Seth's second bonfire, but his first to really pull up a chair and sit in front of the bonfire. He loved it! On Sunday we visited a local church that we're testing out. We had some good experiences in the service and are still prayerfully considering if this is the church that God wants us to be at. After naps, I did a little grocery shopping. I went to small group and Jason stayed home with Seth since he wasn't feeling well. It was a really good weekend!!

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