Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seth's Summary: 9-10 weeks

It's been a bit since I've posted, but that just means one thing....our lives are getting busy! Seth and I have been busy during our days together. I'm getting more and more confident taking Seth places on my own and figuring out how Seth does during a day with an activity. He does pretty well on our little outings!

In Seth's 9-10 weeks, we've been busy:
- Visited my company during the lunch hour on a Friday. Seth was dressed Friday casual with my favorite button up shirt.
- Visited with Seth's great-grandpa and grandma on my side. Seth was a peach and impressed his great-grandpa with how strong his legs are and how much he wants to stand up. Then, he took a long nap in his great-grandma's arms and boy, did she love that! He knows a nurturing little embrace when he feels it!
- While Jason and I went out to dinner at Benihana's, my parents baby sat Seth.
- Visited friends Jill and her baby Caleb for a play date. Seth seemed to take in what Caleb was doing as a 1-year old.

What Seth is up to these days....

Feeding: Seth is a little rock-star eater! He has six feedings a day and dropped his middle-of-the-night feeding during his 9th week. Wahoo! I think it was mommy who dropped the feeding, because clearly Seth was ready to give it a try because he didn't wake up hungry until sometime after 5:30am. Jason now feeds Seth a bottle of expressed milk at the last feeding of the day. We found that feeding Seth 5 oz was exactly what he needs to sleep through the night.....

Night sleeping: Seth is now sleeping through the night! Since we started giving Seth 5 oz instead of 4 oz at his last feeding, he sleeps until after 6:45am! Knock on wood, we keep telling ourselves. We never take these sleeping-through-the-night for granted, so we'll enjoy it while it lasts. In his 10th week, Seth now sleeps until 7-7:30am. I don't even remember when our last middle-of-the-night feeding was, but it seems like so long ago.

Naps: Seth has five naps a day, ranging from 1.5 hours to 1 hour in duration. Half of his naps he sleeps well for; half of them he does not. By that I mean that for all naps, he is now awake enough where he has to soothe himself to sleep. At most naps when I lay him in his crib, he cries for a little bit - even though he's tired, yawning and rubbing his eyes. He is learning to suck on his fingers or fist while he drifts off to sleep. I found a good routine for Seth that calms him down and gets him ready for a nap: draw the shades, darken the room with only one light, read a book, and sing some songs. After the songs, he is calm and relaxed. When I reach down to turn on his noise machine, Seth knows what's coming. He starts to whimper and whimpers more when I lay him in his crib. I turn his musical mobile on and help him find his fist to suck on. For now, this seems to work and he cries for about a minute before falling asleep.

During Seth's first 7 weeks, he had a fussy time anywhere between 6-10pm. It was difficult for him to take a catnap during this time. As Seth got older, we took out the cluster feedings in the evenings and he has had less fussy times.

Seth sleeps well during the evenings. At times we've been tempted to drop his 7:30pm feeding, because it's so difficult for Jason to wake Seth up for his 10:30pm feeding. If we let him sleep through the late evening feeding, he'd probably wake us up at 2am to be fed! He's still a little young to try to extend his sleep time from 7:30pm - 7am.

Awake time: Seth likes to be awake. In fact, he could be awake for 1.5-2 hours and not get crabby. He just loves to be up, looking around, sitting with his mommy or playing on his play mat. But, we try not to keep him up too long because he can easily get overtired. When Seth gets overtired, he does not nap very well.

Fun Seth stuff:
- His personality is really starting to shine through: content little boy, with a studious little look in surroundings outside of his home. He always gets the comment that he is so serious. And he is! Seth furrows his brows when he takes in his new surroundings.
- He is so happy, alert and giggly in his home with me and Jason. Seth will laugh, squeal or smile at us to get us to laugh and then he does it again. He's going to be just like his daddy - trying to get a reaction out of us.
- He sticks his tongue out when he smiles at me, which proceeds into a game between me and Seth: I stick out my tongue and smile, then Seth does. Back and forth we go!
- Seth wakes up in the mornings with big smiles and laughs. I love going in to wake Seth up because we're so happy to see each other. It's like - wow, I haven't seen you for a while! Let's play.

It is soooo nice outside and I'm itching to take Seth's wheels - aka, the jogging stroller - for a trip around the block. Pretty soon you'll see us jogging the trails!

I'll post some pictures soon!

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