Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seth's Summary: Week 13

The biggest thing about this week is that we've been adjusting to me going back to work....probably me adjusting, more so than Seth! Thankfully, Seth has been used to being around my mom and Jason's mom, so having them come over to our house to watch Seth has been easy on him.

Eating: No change here, except I know Seth is getting the food he needs because he is gaining weight. If the scales are true, he is now 16 lbs!

Naps: Eh....Seth sleeps well for his morning nap, but his 2nd and 3rd naps range anywhere for 45 min - 1.5 hrs. Never consistent, but he probably gets about 4-5 hrs of sleep total with his naps. Seth still cries when being put down for about half of his naps. I read that at this age, Seth may enjoy his time playing with us so he would rather be up, than put down in his crib for a nap....even though he's been awake for a while. We're just trying to keep consistent with Seth's waketime so he doesn't get fatigued.

Nighttime: What is consistent is Seth's nighttime routine! This little guy sleeps from 8pm-ish until 7am! We're still enjoying it until something changes!

Waketime: Seth is up to 1.5 - 2 hrs of waketime between his naps. You can tell when Seth is reaching his max waketime, because he gets a little fussy, rubbing his eyes or gets the 7-mile look.

Other fun Seth facts:
- The drool faucet turned on! I find his drooling sweet.:) He's getting prepared for those baby teeth to start popping through in a couple of months!
- Seth LOVES walks in his stroller. He chatters the whole walk through!

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