Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up - October

After several busy weekends, we had a low-key weekend at home. Friday was still pretty nice outside, so we had to have our last bonfire of the season.

But before our bonfire, we went to an open house for the North Metro Midwive group at the new hospital. These were the midwives that took care of me while I was pregnant and also delivered Seth. The main certified nurse midwife that owns the group hosted the open house to introduce the two new midwives. Lord willing, if we are pregnant again in the future, I would love to go through that midwife group again.

It was like going to a family reunion, seeing Kathrin and all of the other families who have had babies delivered by the midwives. It was like going to see your favorite teacher from your previous school year. She is very passionate for all the women she sees and the babies she "catches". I'm so glad I came across this group. As usual, Seth warmed up after we had been there a while and then he entertained us with squeals, fake laughs and copy-cat screams.

On late Saturday afternoon, the three of us went to the mall just to get out of the house. It was so much fun! We walked around. Seth people-watched. We sat in the rotunda and fed Seth his dinner. He got a kick out of his echo in the rotunda, so he kept squealing and happy-screaming. We ate a quick dinner and then we were home in time to put Seth down to bed.

After church on Sunday, it was a lazy day of hanging out at home. Seth had a good time in the church nursery. He really enjoys himself and keeps so busy with all the toys. The church nursery girls always comment how busy he is playing with all the toys. He never screams when I leave him at the nursery!

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