Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up: October

Whew - it was a whirlwind weekend of family and friends! I was excited the whole week because Jamie and Paul were coming into town for the weekend. We had to have a "cousin's get-together".

Our "cousin's get-together" included Josh, Becky, Jamie, Paul, Jayson, Jen, Kyle, Jenni, Jason and me. Since we were the cousins that grew up together, with the exception of our spouses :), we love to all get-together, tell stories of our growing up years and act silly. Because it's what we do!

We had a very long dinner at Cooper Pub, that fun new Irish Pub in the West End. We had so much fun - lots of goofy laughter, usually at the expense of one another. There were no little kiddos, but Jason did have to stay home and watch Seth since we couldn't find a sitter. Boo!

Jamie and Paul spent Friday night at our house. We chatted up late until our eyes were too heavy. Jamie and I got up early to take Seth for a walk up to Starbucks and get our favorite Pumpkin Spice Lattes - yummy, yummy! It's kind of a tradition for us to go walking around the lakes in the fall and treat ourselves to a Pumpkin Spice Latte, so this was pretty fun to get to do this.

While Seth took his morning nap, Jason and I got ready for our fall photo shoot with JS Photography at the Maple Grove Arboretum. We had family photos taken in the GORGEOUS fall foliage. Seth was dolled up with a cute brown sweater, but at 11:30am it was already 70 degrees! I think we got a lot of good photos because Seth had a ball playing in the foliage. Sonja was really good and interactive with Seth - she caught his attention!

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