Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The week of Christmas

When the week of Christmas, I get giddy like I'm sure so many people do. It's probably my favorite week of the year for several reasons: 1) traffic to work and back home each day is so light, 2) the Christmas music is full force, 3) there are lots of goodies around the office, 4) people are generally cheery, 5) I get days off from work, and 6) most importantly, I get to spend those days with my husband and son!

Having survived Seth’s big 1-year birthday party on Sunday, we were ready for the Christmas week. We got what seemed like the 1,000th snowstorm this season so far on Monday. On Monday and Tuesday evenings after Seth went to bed, we wrapped the last of the presents and I made my chocolate rum balls, all while we watched Christmas movies.

Dave and Carrie got into town on Wednesday night and stayed with Joyce, so we had them over on Thursday afternoon so we could visit and have dinner together. Seth a.d.o.r.e.d his Aunt Carrie, flirting with and smiling at her. They bestowed a puppy Pillow Pet that Seth LOVES! He lays his head down on the pillow and squeals. It’s so so so soft. After the little mister went to bed, we played card games and watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love. Eh. It was okay – but that’s coming from the girl who fell asleep for the middle half hour of the movie and occasionally woke up, making points about the movie so as to appear she didn’t actually fall asleep in the movie again (“Is that a baby elephant?” or “This music would make a great soundtrack”).

Jason and I started a family Christmas tradition a few years ago. We go to the Original Pancake House for a big breakfast on Christmas Eve morning. It’s our special go-to breakfast place when we feel like spending a little extra money on breakfast. They have good German pancakes! We each ordered pancakes and Jason had a yummy baked omelet. Seth has a hollow leg at breakfast time and manages to pack the food in. He had two pancakes, eggs and milk. This was even after his nursing in the morning! He is a child after my own heart. Seth did really well in his highchair at the restaurant and he loved looking around at the servers and hostesses that passed him. He seemed to keep one eye on our server at all times, as though he knew she was the one bringing the food – ha!

Another Christmas tradition is staying over at Joyce’s on Christmas Eve. After Seth’s morning nap that ended a tad early, we packed up our entire house for the one night and headed to Joyce’s to spend Christmas Eve with Joyce, Dave and Carrie. We hunkered down in the cozy family room and played games, while we tried to get Seth to take an afternoon nap. He was so wired with all the activity of being with everyone that he didn’t take a good nap.

Nonetheless, we dressed up in our Christmas finery and went to a 4 o’cock Christmas Eve service at a church nearby us that Joyce attended not too long ago. We didn’t go to our church just because it was kind of a drive and we wanted to maximize our time together.

It's been a while since Seth has sat in a church service with us, so we weren't sure how it would go - especially since the scooter didn't have an afternoon nap. When the pastor called for all the little kids to come up to the front to listen to a Christmas story, I jumped up and nearly ran to the front with Seth. Okay - he's only one and doesn't get that this is story time, but I have always wanted to bring our child up to the front to listen to the Christmas story. Thank goodness the story was only 2 minutes - ha! After a minute, Seth wanted to crawl around and I wouldn't let him. Back at our seats, Seth pointed and waved his hands to the Christmas music. He made it all the way up to the message but he got fussy because we wouldn't let him crawl around, so Jason took Seth out in the hall to walk around a bit.

After church, we went back to Joyce's and feasted on yummy appetizers. We all hung out downstairs, got in our Christmas jammies and then exchanged gifts. We let Seth touch the Christmas tree and he was very gentle with it. He liked the shiny Christmas boxes and got a kick out of the gold garland. Seth was blessed with some wonderful toys that are perfect for his age!

We had such a fun time with Joyce, Dave and Carrie. Family time is so treasured. It was fun to experience Christmas through the eyes of a one-year old!

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