Friday, September 3, 2010


The last few days have shaped out to be a precursor to what fall (late-Sept and earl-Oct) is like....cooler temps and the fast-moving clouds. We went from high-80s last weekend and early this week, to a cool 70 degrees and low-50s last night. Which meant...

....back to the zip-up, footed pj's for Seth. Or, as we call them, "jammie-jams". Seth hasn't worn these for over 3 months and about 2 inches ago. When he was smaller and still very much an infant. Give me a moment while I wipe tears cuz my baby is growing up at the speed of lightening. I zipped Seth up and he seemed like such a little boy. He looked at both cuffs on each arm and touched them as if to say, "what is this material on my arms??". Yes, my dear son, it's a little cold so these jammie-jams will keep your bare arms warm.

I love looking at Seth's arm rolls and the little elastic-band fold on his wrist. For that reason, I'm sad that fall and winter are approaching because it means Seth's bare little baby arms will not be quite as available to touch.

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