Monday, September 20, 2010

September Weekend-end Recap

It was just me and Seth for most of this weekend because Jason went on a church men's retreat in Northern Minnesota. He was gone Friday night, so Seth and I toodled around town on Friday night.

Seth had a physical therapy appointment with Melissa on Friday. In his PT appointment, Seth pulled himself to a standing position for the first time. Melissa had placed a toy on top of the bench to see if Seth would pull himself to a kneeling position. He did that and then proceeded to pull himself up to a standing position. Seth got the toy, but then it fell to the other side of the bench. He wanted to get that toy and so badly wanted to crawl over the bench! He was trying to pull his legs up over that bench.

After PT and then a short nap, Seth had dinner and then we went to Babies R Us and bought Seth's Halloween costume and his first winter jacket. Seth isn't ready to share who he's dressing up in yet, but I can tell you that it has something to do with Winnie the Pooh.:)

Saturday was a very busy day - I felt like Seth and I were running around town and barely at home. Which was true! After breakfast, we hopped in the car and drove over to my parents' home to feed Molly while they were up at the cabin.

Then, we went to Seth's first ever music class at KinderMusik. The class' teacher was Miss Melanie and she is like Mary Poppins in person! She has a beautiful voice and enterjected jingles into her conversation. Seth was captivated by Miss Melanie. When she spoke, he whipped his face to her and just stared at her with big eyes.

There were just two other babies in the class and we all sat on the playmats. We'd sing songs and let the babies grab the egg shakers and bells. Seth would shake the shakers and bells, then stick them in his mouth. We'd help our babies clap their hands, wave their arms and shake their feet to the music. I could tell Seth enjoyed it because he wanted to stand up and bounce! Then, he'd squeal or make some loud grunting noise. Seth was highly amused by all the music and interaction.

At one point, Miss Melanie told the parents to lie down on the mat, close their eyes and listen to the music. She wanted the babies to see their parents listen to the music and let me explore. She'd keep an eye on the babies so they didn't get into any mischief. I put my head down on the floor next to Seth and kept one eye open. I could not stop shaking in laughter when I saw Seth crawl over to another mommy and start tapping her head and trying to pull her hair.

We are definitely going to go back to music class in November. Our schedule is too busy right now.

Seth had another nap after music class. We went to LifeWay Bookstores to pick up a book and we ran another errand to Marshall's. We made it home in time for me to put a tired baby down for his afternoon nap.

After Seth got up and we had dinner, we picked up dessert and went over to my grandparents' home to wish my Grandpa a happy birthday. Grandpa turned 94 years old! I love taking Seth over to see them because they love to play with Seth. It warmed my heart when I looked over to see my 94-year old grandpa make silly faces and noises at Seth, who was sitting contentedly on his lap. Seth wanted to play with his mustache and tug on his cheeks. I turned around to help Grandma with the dessert and when I turned back, the sight I saw made me just giggle. Grandpa was on all fours on the ground next to Seth. It was the cutest sight!

Jason came back from his retreat on Saturday night, so we all went to ABF on Sunday morning together. Seth went to the nursery again and he did great. I'm glad that we decided to start bringing Seth to the nursery because it gives him a chance to be around other little kids.

After having a relaxing afternoon, we had small group at our home that evening. Three of the couples brought their babies. Two of the babies were playing on the opposite sides of the music table that Seth was playing and I could tell that Seth was energized by the other babies because he would squeal really loud. While the men were upstairs discussing their study, the ladies were downstairs talking and playing with our babies. It was a fun night!

Oh, what a fun weekend too. It went so fast. :)

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