Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

I'm just coming off the high of having a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Although, as I recap what we did, it sounds just a little busy. Maybe having a baby has mellowed me out.

Yeah, right!

Jason took me and Seth out to dinner to Pittsburgh Blue for dinner on Friday night. Dinner at a sit-down restaurant with an infant can be tricky. Timing is everything -especially when your baby is typically only up for 2-3 hours in between nap times and dinner can take about an hour and a half, plus the 20 minutes to get to the restaurant and home again, which only leaves you a half hour to eat your sit-down dinner. Dining with a baby is different, but I don't want avoid it and I'd rather help Seth get through it because going out to a restaurant every once and a while is something our family does. Maybe I'll change my mind when Seth is 18 months old and wants to tear through the restaurant dining room.

Nonetheless, Seth did great. He sat on my lap, while playing with his various toys and spoons. While we ate (er, while I scarfed my meal down), he sat in his car seat. Seth always gets a lot of attention with his helmet, so of course, we got lots of visitors to our table.

On Saturday morning, I took Seth for a quick jog in the stroller. It was a little cool, but Seth was bundled up so we made it a quick jog. Afternoon naps and resting were had by all.

My friend, Cassie, and her two little sweet children came over in the afternoon for some playtime at the school playground. We cooked dinner afterwards, during which it was confirmed again what a poor cook I am. I mean, really, how can a person botch up a batch of pre-packaged refrigerated French rolls? Digging in to dinner, Cassie's 5-year old said, "Mommy, I can't bite into this bread". A few seconds passed when Jason and I both started to roar with laughter over the deep-seeded truth to that comment. Yes, dear child, you are not the only one.

We went to ABF on Sunday morning and after 20 minutes, we decided to bring Seth to the nursery. I dropped him into the nursery worker's arms, who put Seth on the floor. He started crawling around, looking back at me just to make sure I was still there until I waved good-bye. I came back 45 minutes later to pick Seth back up and the worker said he did great. Crawled around and explored. I think we'll try the nursery again!

Sunday afternoon was our football draft party for our ABF fantasy football league. We had 16 people over and it was a blast! Seth was a little frustrated because he wanted to crawl around the floor, but I wouldn't let him because there were computer cords galore. We sat on the deck and chatted until it got a little dark. I put Seth down for bed around 7pm and then we started a beautiful bonfire and enjoyed the fire until 10pm.

Monday was another great day. I discovered Seth's 3rd tooth! His top left came poking through and if I had to guess, I think it probably popped through a day or two before. I just don't always feel around Seth's mouth for more teeth - he doesn't particularly enjoy my prying.:)

It was a crisp and cool morning. I went for a run and it was perfect. Lots of couples and families out on the trails. After Seth got up and ate, we went to Joyce's home to do a little photo shoot. Seth sat in his grandma's toy rocking chair. I can't believe he sat up in it! I remember when he was just a little peanut, thinking how far into the future it would be until he could sit in it. He loved the chair and started to figure out that it would rock!

Seth took an afternoon nap and by the time he woke up, our friend Joe stopped by to hang out. Seth would not crack a smile for him! Ha! But, he warmed up to Joe after a while.

It was a great weekend and so hard to go back to work! But, these weekends give me perfect memories!

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