Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 months

Seth, you are 15 months! You seem like such a little boy. When we came home from Mexico and saw you for the first time in a week, it seemed like you had grown two feet.

In two weeks we go to your pediatrician to make sure you're "on track" with your height and weight.

You never stop moving. I repeat. You never stop moving on your feet unless I am rocking you to sleep before you go to bed or you are sleeping. I am a little bewildered by how busy you are!

First, you play with your blocks. Then, you're flipping your green dinosaur upside down to spin its wheels. Then, you're carrying a toy to your room and back out to the living room. Then, you're kicking a soccer ball down the hall. Then, you're pulling your bag of diapers out into the living room. Then, you're climbing onto the little stool in the dining room. Then, you're throwing your blocks down the stairs. Then, you're running around the dining room table. Then, we're reading a book. You are so busy!

You just started climbing onto the couch. Oh, dear. You're learning how to slide off the couch too.

One day, Grandma found you kneeling on your knees on the piano bench banging on the piano. You had flipped the green dinosaur upside down and used it to climb on the bench.

You love to dance. When an upbeat, bouncy song comes on, you stop what you're doing and start bouncing to the music. You shuffle your feet and slide to the left and then the right. Sometimes you turn around in a circle. When your favorite Kindermusik songs come on, you stop what you're doing and run to me or Jason because you like to be danced with, since it reminds you of the dance we do at Kindermusk.

You are good at communicating to us, plus you take in so much and remember it well. We show you the animals in books and the next time we read those books, you point out the animals when we say, "Where is the ____?" You can also point and touch our mouths and noses when we ask you, "Where is Mama's nose?" We're working on getting you to touch your nose and mouth. Every morning while I'm rocking you in your nursery chair, I unzip your sleep bag and we play the game "Find Seth's Feet". I say, "Let's find your feet. Are they in here?" Then, you rummages around the bottom of your sleep bag until you find your feet and then we celebrate.:)

You point and "Mmmm" for something that you want. I'm trying to teach you how to sign "Please" and "More", but we're still working on that. Sometimes I don't guess the thing you wanted, so sometimes it can be a guessing game.

Your box of words just started expanding. For a few months now, you've said "mama" and "dada" here and there, but not necessarily to our faces. You try to repeat easy words back - it's cute because you think you're saying the word.:) Just the other day you repeated "doll" which came out like "Daw" and you said "ama" for "grandma".

You love to read and look at books. Your favorite books are the Winnie the Pooh Encyclopedia of Animals, Biscuits Goes to Sleep, the World in 7 Days book, the Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings book and the Nursery Rhyme book.

You have even had your first.....tantrum! Are the terrible two's starting early? I'm not sure....you've had a few little crying fits, but I think it's mainly because you're frustrated with not being able to communicate.

Being your mother is such a joy. You're my little buddy and I love seeing the world through your big, ocean-blue sparkling eyes. I've seen the moon for the first time all over again. We sit rocking in your nursery chair before going to sleep and you play with my hair and touch my nose. Sometimes we just giggle and giggle.:)

Seth, you are a fun, spirited, sweet little boy and I'm glad God gave you to me and Jason. We are blessed that you are healthy and growing right on track. I enjoy every moment of these sweet days of your little world. Enjoy these moments, Seth.

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