Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sickies

Friday night after work did not come soon enough. I got home first, picked Seth up and we made it to the bank in time, before heading over to Noodles & Company for dinner. Jason would be meeting us there after he was done with work.

We had a fun dinner with Seth, but he was becoming a little whiny and not his happy self. We made a stop at Babies R Us. That's when we knew something was up with Seth. We were standing in the checkout line and all I remember was looking down at a slouching, tired little baby boy. Poor Seth - it must have just hit him. He was warm, tired and starting to get that sick zone in his eyes. I've never seen Seth like that.

Upon getting home, we took Seth's temp and sure enough, he had a small fever 99.8. A little infant acetaminophen, some cuddles, a bottle and bedtime. We were praying that God would help Seth fight whatever virus his little body was taking on.

Seth slept until 9am in the morning. Wow. I couldn't believe he needed so much sleep. Poor buddy was so warm this morning. His fever got up to 100.8. Seth barely had anything to eat for breakfast and I was trying to get as much liquids in him as possible. He just wanted to be held and cuddle his Pooh bear. He was starting to yawn around 11am, so I put him down for another nap. He slept until almost 2pm.

His fever got up to 101.6, so we called Triage just to make sure we were doing everything right. Thankfully we haven't had many instances in which Seth has been this sick in his little life, so this was a little sudden and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right things. We were.:)

Seth took another nap and when he got, his cheeks weren't as red and his fever had broke. He was a little more himself and even had some food for dinner. We knew Seth was getting back in business when while he was sitting in his highchair, he started to blow raspberries when he knows he shouldn't and giggled when he tooted.

This is how Seth looks when he isn't feeling the hottest. Seth is always such a happy, spirited little boy, so seeing Seth like this makes me feel for him. Bad momm for taking photos of my sick baby.:)

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