Friday, March 4, 2011

Back from Mexico

Jason and I were blessed to go on a trip to Mexico. By ourselves. For a week. Happy dance! Our parents were UBER generous to watch Seth while we were gone. We will owe them for a while. Seth stayed three nights at the Teichroew's, then he stayed three nights at our home with Mom Joyce, then another night at the Teichroew's and his last night at home with Mom Joyce. We left on Feb. 20th for the sunny, white-sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen. We were able to stay at an all-inclusive resort - I had never stayed at an all-inclusive, so a week of not preparing meals was one of the best treats ever! Jason and I really didn't do much except lay on the beach, swim in the ocean, grab some cocktails and eat. We walked the cobble-stone streets of downtown Playa del Carmen one night. Our biggest decision each day was deciding where we would be - the beach or the pool! The beach had a perfect, white-sandy beach. The waves were just big enough to jump through, but not so big where I'd feel out of control swimming through them. A few weddings took place on the beach that we peeked on. Each night we'd go to the main resort court where they'd have caribbean or latin bands, karoake and other festivals. There was nothing better than walking around the resort and along the beach at night in 70-degree weather. It was so fun! I was so hesitant to be away from Seth for seven nights. Not because I was concerned about the care he'd receive while we were gone, but because I knew I'd miss Seth alot. We saw quite a few young families at the resort and it would make my heart hurt seeing them, thinking how fun it would be to have Seth with us. At the same time, I kept reminding myself that it was equally as important for Jason and I to have extended time for just the two of us. By about the fifth day that we were gone, I was really missing Seth. By our last full day, I was ready to go home. When we flew back to MN and our parents, along with Seth, met us at baggage claim, it was a happy and tear-filled reunion. My dad was holding Seth and when we got 10 feet from Seth, it registered to him that it was us. The look in his eyes and face was one of panic, "Where did you guys go? Why did you leave me? You're here now!" He couldn't get out of my dad's arms fast enough to get to us. Seth was so happy! Seth did great while we were gone. He enjoyed his time at my parent's. Sunny and Molly made peace with having Seth around. We are so lucky that Seth feels so comfortable with his grandparents that he can be away from us overnigth (if needed). It was so nice to have a get-away with Jason and really just focus on being a wife. Jason was patient with me as I worked through missing Seth and my mommy responsibilities.

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