Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Made it

Jason is finally home from training in Denver! He got home on Friday night after being gone for two whole weeks, plus a short weekend home and then another week in Denver. I missed Jason soooo much and the evenings were lonely.

While it was nice to have a lot of just me and Seth-time, not everything got done around home because I was still working during the day. I'm so thankful that my mom and mother-in-law offered to take on additional days for watching Seth during the week.

I kind of felt like a working single mom. When I got home from work each day, it was a juggling act to spend time with Seth, make dinner and do other typical evening stuff like a little playtime, storytime, and baths.

On most nights, we were able to Skype with Jason after he was done with training class. Seth got a kick out of seeing his Daddy on the laptop. I'd set Seth in his highchair right up to the table and set the laptop on the table. Jason would talk, make faces at Seth and Seth would just eat it up, squealing over his Daddy.

Seth and I had some fun bonding moments. On Wednesday nights, I'd bring Seth to Noodles & Co. for dinner for a Mommy and Seth date. He'd get a kick out of all the other families and little kids. We'd go to church afterwards. It was a fun time, plus it made me really confident in handling a pre-toddler out in public. :) But Seth is so easy-going that it's an easy job. :)

Here are some fun pictures.
One night while playing after dinner, Seth would head to his bedroom and we'd hear him rummage around his room, mumbling to himself. He'd run out of his room with a stuffed animal and deposit it on my lap. He did this 3-4 times. He was so happy to share his animals!!

This is either "So big!!" or "Touch down!".

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