Thursday, May 19, 2011


Seth, you are 17-months old! You are looking more like a little BOY, then you are a baby. I have reservations about this because you're growing up so fast!

You love your crib. When you wake up in the morning and come in to greet you, you're all smiles and you hold up "Pooh-Bear" (your lovey) to me, so I say "good morning" to
Pooh-Bear too. Then, you point to your books and I put a handful of books in your crib. I pop in your Kindermusik CD and you'll sit in your crib for a half hour just looking through your books.

This month has brought a whole new play world for you: OUTSIDE. You would play outside all day long if you could. Picking up rocks, touching plans, swinging in your swing, strolling around the perimeter of the yard. You love playing with rocks. There are little groupings of rocks all around the outside of our house. You pick up a few rocks, then gift them to me or your Grandmas. Sometimes you just clutch two rocks in your hands as we take a stroller walk to the park.

At one particular playtime at the park, you clutched one rock in your hand the entire time you were playing on the playground set. You wouldn't let it go. But then it dropped under the equipment, you looked at it to see where it went and then you were on your way again. So, you're not super attached to your rocks, but it's important for you to have a few in your hands. :)

You are learning to take Daddy or Mommy's hand if we are walking someplace. This will be important for us this year because you are getting big and we're not able to carry you for long extended periods of time when you were only about 15 pounds! You do this better with Daddy than with Mommy. I think you're a little proud to be holding Daddy's hands. :)

We celebrated your new use of sign language "please" and the way you say "please" is so cute! You wave your right hand back-and-forth, kind of like how it's supposed to be done but in a very exagerated way. It's adorable and now you use it all the time - not just eating, but anytime you want something. You also sign "help".

It's hard to say, but you seem to have a bit of a compassionate heart. Whenever you are near a baby that cries, you go over to the baby and stand there, looking back and forth between the baby and his/her mama to make sure she's taking care of the crying baby. But you are also very aware when adults are sad or not feeling well.

You haven't always been the super cuddly little baby who would be content sitting in my arms for long periods of time, but you definitely are affectionate. You give open mouth kisses and are starting to learn how to hug. When I hold you before going to bed, I say, "Rest your head on my shoulder" and you nustle your head on my shoulder. It just endears me!

One morning on my way out the door to work, I was holding you and prepared to do a hand-off to your grandma. You wrapped your arms around my neck and burried your face into my shoulder. I was about ready to call in sick!

In the last month, you have NOT liked being dropped off in the church nursery. I thought I was one of the lucky parents whose baby was completely content and happy to be dropped off in the nursery with no separation anxiety at all. Heh, heh, heh. Well, a few months has changed that and you CRY and CRY when I drop you off. But, I'm always told by the (super kind, sweet and loving) nusery workers that you eventually settle down and play.

Your hair is starting to get long in the back and you're turning into quite the blondie. It's still too early to get it cut, unless it starts to be a mullet. Your bright blue eyes and long eye lashes always get commented on.

Here you are at 17 months!

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