Sunday, May 22, 2011

One raspberry on my floor

There's going to come a time (years and years from now), when the significance of a raspberry sitting under the table on my dining room floor is going to spur on the tears.

There is, in fact, a raspberry sitting on the dining room floor right now. I'm not quite rushing to pick it up, even though I'm taking a risk that it will not stain the floor. I'll let it sit there for a moment while thinking back to the cause of events that led up to the lone raspberry sitting where it is.

It was lunchtime and Seth was sitting in his usual highchair at the kitchen table. I placed a plate on his tray with some new fruit for Seth to try: blueberries and raspberries. He LOVED the blueberries and they were inhaled within seconds.

The raspberries, on the other hand, sat un-eaten on Seth's plate. They were poked, but not eaten. And then, I heard a giggle. I looked up from plate to see a raspberry hanging precariously on Seth's pointer finger. Giggles, giggles and a proud little boy. Beyond being a scrumpcious and tasty fruit, there is a purpose to raspberries!

The raspberry was popped into his mouth and after an unsuccessful attempt at his trick again, he got a little frustrated. Mommy stepped in to help. :)

And this is how Seth came to like raspberries - first on the tip of his finger and then into his mouth.

And apparently one raspberry didn't make it.

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