Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 2010 Christmas Letter

Dear Big People:

Merry Christmas to everyone I look up to! Which is everyone taller than 25.5" high.

I know what you're thinking. How can a toddler like me be typing this Christmas letter at such a young age? Well, everyone says more and more kids these days are become technologically-savvy at an earlier age. At one year old, what more can you expect?

Christmas means more to me this year than it did last year.

Last year, at 9 days old, everything was a blur. Not because time flew by, but because everything I looked at really was blurry! I didn't see much and I was only awake for what seemed like a total of 4 hours. There were lots of big people trying to see me. I was still adjusting to being outside of a warm, cozy womb for 9 months.

This year, Christmas means a tall, green tree in my play area that keeps poking me when I toddle by. It means shiny boxes under the tree with glossy bows that I try to pick off and put in my mouth. It means sitting forward in a new car seat and watching glowing houses with bright and twinkling lights go by when we're driving in the car. It means Mommy plays really cheery music on the piano while I try to climb up on the bench to bang on the keys beside her. It means standing at the window watching Daddy push a big, noisy machine up and down the driveway that spits out snow across the yard. I bang on the window to let Daddy know I want to be out there with him.

Daddy, Mommy and I were busy this year. I was busy growing from a 6lb, 14 oz little baby to a 22lb toddler. There was much to accomplish this year: learning how to sleep through the night at 8 weeks old, rolling over from my back to my stomach at 5 months, sitting up all by myself at 6 months, crawling at 8 months, cruising at 10 months, pushing 7 teeth through my gums (ouch, that hurt!), babbling and typing on the laptop. Now I'm practically walking across the room by myself! There are several things that describe me: I like to happy scream; Daddy really makes me gut laugh - especially at dinner; I get so excited when Mommy comes home from work that I usually cry when I see her; the third thing I love most (after Daddy and Mommy) is my thumb; I like it when my grandmas read me books when they watch me while Daddy and Mommy are at work; I can get crabby when I get my PJs put on because I'm just tired.

While I was growing this year, Daddy and Mommy helped me adjust to this new world and all the Big People in it. They brought me up to Grandpa and Grandma Teichroew's cabin a few times over the summer, where I rode in a boat (and yelled loudly because the boat yelled loudly) and learned to love being in the water. We spent hours (and hours and hours) in the car to visit Uncle Dave and Aunt Carrie in Door County. They have the best dogs and I LOVED it when they gave me kisses. We spent more hours (and hours and hours) in the car to visit Great-Grandma Inge and Daddy's uncles, aunts and cousins. I felt so loved by them all. We even got to visit Mommy's uncle and aunt and Mommy's college friend in Illinois, who has two Little People that I liked to play with. One day in the spring, we went to Uncle Jayson and Aunt Jen's house while everyone was there except Uncle Jayson. He walked through the door and we yelled, "Surprise! Happy 30th birthday!"

Daddy and Mommy took me to church every Sunday and we always see the same nice Big People. They're happy and make Daddy and Mommy laugh. I like being around them too because most of the Big People also have little people that are more my size. We have playdates every Sunday night while the Big People, Daddy and Mommy talk about Big People stuff.

On Father's Day, Daddy, Mommy and I stood at the front of the church sanctuary. Big Person Pastor Rick held me and prayed over me, then asked all the Big People in the audience to help my parents teach me about Jesus.

Which reminds me of something.

Christmas means another baby. Baby Jesus. Daddy and Mommy keep talking about baby Jesus. We read books about this baby born many, many years ago around the same time I was. They tell me how important He is and how much He means to them.

I hope they don't plan to replace me with this baby.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Seth (and my parents)

P.S. I stood in line for a long time to sit on this Big Person's lap, but all he did was talk alot. I didn't even get to keep the candy cane he gave me. Mommy ate it.

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