Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas baby

This is such a beautiful video. When I gave birth to our baby boy a year ago just a week before Christmas, I felt like I was going through what Mary, the mother of Jesus went through when she gave birth to her son. The awe and heightened emotion of giving birth. The momentum of labor resulting in the quietness and precious moments of a newborn baby boy.

Only...not really. Because she gave birth to Jesus, Emmanueal, God with us, the Lord Most High. And, she didn't know the big impact of how we'd celebrate His birth and make it a holiday over 2,000 years later. And, she had the added pressure of how to care for this Holy baby, who just so happened to be one-third of the Holy Trinity. So, I guess I can't really identify with her by saying that we both had Christmas babies.

Yet...yet. I can still share in the moments that we both probably experienced as a brand-new mother, holding our new babies and the wonder of seeing God's newest creation.

I remember driving Seth home from the hospital after he was born. We made a stop at Jason's office to pick up some paperwork so Jason could work from home the next couple of weeks. I sat in the car with Seth while Jason was inside. This song came on the radio. I started crying over the words "You're here, I'm holding you so near...." because that's exactly how I felt holding our new baby boy, whom we waited for over 9 months for. The baby that I waited my whole life to have and he was finally here.....

Every time I hear the song, it brings me back to the moment when they first brought Seth to me after I delivered him. He was swaddled in a blanket with a blue hat. Seth was so alert and he would not take his eyes off me as though he had been waiting as long as I had to meet his parents. Besides my wedding to Jason, the best moment in my life.

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